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One more success for the Peru Status Team, managing to adequately advise Ahren Contractors Generales S.A by resolution of the Contract.

The team of Estadus Perú S.A.C. made up of the Abg. Alan Félix Díaz Ramos and Abg. Lizbeth Villegas Laura successfully advised our client AHREN CONTRRATISTAS GENERALES S.A. (Respondent) against the Entity (Claimant) obtaining a favorable decision.

The controversy of the process was related to the RESOLUTION OF THE CONTRACT formulated by our Client due to the breach of obligations by the Entity, this breach was related to the non-payment of the Valuations of Greater Metrados. Faced with our decision to terminate the contract, the Entity decides to submit the dispute to the Dispute Resolution Board – JRD of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru.

The Dispute Resolution Board decided to declare the ENTITY’s request IMPROPER, stating that it had failed to comply with its essential obligations to pronounce in a timely manner on the authorization of payments of the Higher Metered Valuations in favor of our Client; in addition to declaring the contract resolution current and valid.