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The alliance that will change everything! Status Peru allies with Lizarazo & Álvarez

This fact is a motivation to continue creating alliances with more foreign companies.

We are happy to achieve this fact. We have been managing the alliance and its development for some months. However, not many in Peru know Lizarazo & Alvarez.

The Colombian company Lizarazo & Álvarez focuses exclusively on the resolution of problems and legal conflicts, in relation to the service of protection of personal data and information security. The Colombian company has many years of experience, consolidated as a successful and highly trained firm contributing to the development of numerous companies and national and foreign projects in various sectors of the economy. In this way, both firms make clear the objectives of the alliance. In the first place, it would be the unification of efforts, knowledge and skills in order to achieve the achievement, closure, advice, representation, accompaniment of natural and legal persons who need advice and consulting in protection of personal data and information security in both Peru and Colombia. Likewise, the objective not only includes uniting the knowledge of each entity but also providing advice on investment issues and business constitution in Colombia and / or Peru, of companies located abroad or in one of the countries of domicile of the allies. The benefits that we will have as a company thanks to this alliance is mainly the positioning of Status Peru in the Colombian market and abroad, providing our personal data protection and information security services to the clients of the alliance. Another benefit to emphasize is to position our services as Peru Status to Colombian companies that intend to venture into the Peruvian market by increasing our portfolio of foreign clients. And, finally, the most important benefit is the collaboration of Lizarazo & Álvarez to Peruvian clients who want to enter the Colombian market as well as achieve the reputation of the alliance in both countries.

We expect good results from this alliance and above all continue learning and expanding our philosophy as specialist lawyers. A new chapter opens in our history as a company, one more door has opened. Our job is to keep growing together.