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We are HYTSA’s legal advisors! Status Peru has a new role for transnational corporations Our services are reaching all of South America.

Status Peru was awarded legal advice in contracting with the State to the Argentine company HYTSA

Status Peru is taking a new role for an Argentine transnational company in legal advice in contracting with the Peruvian State. This company is called HYTSA.

HYTSA Estudios y Proyectos S.A. is a consulting company founded in 1985 by a group of professionals with extensive and prestigious experience, whose purpose is the provision of professional services in a wide field of activities. From 1990 onwards, he ventured into the execution of studies on the institutional transformation of state enterprises, privatizations, investment studies, concession contracts and the development of rules and procedures, accumulating considerable experience in these areas. In each of the areas, highly trained professionals and technicians with proven experience in their specialties work, supported by a solid business structure that provides extensive guarantees in their technical and commercial actions.

Currently our outlook is promising. We as advisors have the responsibility to work with honesty and respect fulfilling the objectives of the company. However, our goal is to maintain this relationship and provide our legal services to more companies in Latin America, to raise the name of Peru. Our specialist lawyers are prepared to perform these services to more transnational corporations.

We expect good results from the new role we have obtained thanks to our effort and recognition at national and international level. A new chapter opens in our history as a company. Status Peru will continue to grow as a law firm specializing in all branches of law. Let’s continue to grow together.