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The development of a company is not only governed by sales but also by good legal advice.

One more success for the Status Peru team that manages to advise Kingsman Real Estate in an appropriate manner.

When you are an entrepreneur and want to grow your company in the national market, you ask for help from your partners. However, it should be noted that the work of a lawyer is outstanding because thanks to his efforts he manages to get your company to obtain a contract with the state.

Kingsman Real Estate is a company with legal status under private law, they design solutions adapted to the needs of each client, it has very interesting services of management and administration of condominiums, apartment buildings and others. Every year the company continues to grow and meet its goals. Even so, Kingsman as part of their development strategy contacted us for advice and help them expand their business activities. The service we provided consisted of advice and management for the expansion of the powers of its general people, modification of its statute and its registration in the National Registry of Suppliers – RNP.

Finally, it was possible to execute without problems all the required services in the period of a month and a half. The real estate company will be able to continue with its development strategy and continue to provide its clients with a good experience, service and good results and above all it will be able to contract with the State. It should be noted that this success story is due to the professionalism and commitment of our specialists.