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New doors open for the Credisicuani cooperative

One more success for the Peru Status Team that manages to advise the Credisicuani Savings Cooperative in an appropriate manner.

One of the problems that some companies usually have is the outdated of their powers or mandates, it is a common problem and brings many consequences.

The Credisicuani cooperative is a company that provides financial services to other companies and individuals. It has many years within the market and is governed in several capitals of the country. Every year it continues to expand and increase the scope of its services. However, the Credisicuani cooperative needed to continue with its functions as usual, and by mandate of law it needed to update and register the mandates of its boards of directors, since they were expired. For this reason Credisicuani decided to contact several zonal lawyers, each with a different operating system that after all did not get to realize the desired service. A time passed when the cooperative took the initiative to communicate with a nationally renowned law firm. At first, things seemed to be going in order, but for reasons of the study Credisicuani’s case was led by junior lawyers who did not pay much attention to the service that the cooperative needed. It took more than 6 years for them to contact Status Peru. In our process of reviewing and analyzing the cooperative’s legal documentation we discovered that the mandates of its councils such as Administration, Surveillance, Education and Electoral had not been updated. The most important being its board of directors, which is why they could not appoint their general manager, and as a result, the cooperative was prevented from performing its collection functions, thus delaying its collection processes.

Finally, we managed to update and register the tips in less than seven months. The Credisicuani cooperative can now continue with all its usual functions without exception; This step is important because it will mark a before and after in your company. It should be noted that this success story is due to the professionalism and commitment of our specialists; Dr. María Elena Gomero Villavicencio with Dr. Lee Anthony Ramos and Dr. Alan Diaz Ramos.